Ichiro Suzuki and the art of trolling fans

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Here are three truths:

  1. Chris Davis hits a lot of homers. In fact, he leads all of baseball with 47. That's a lot.
  2. Yankee Stadium has a short right field porch that is conducive to home runs.
  3. The Yankees and Orioles are both mired in tight race for a wild-card spot.

Add those three truths together and it's easy to understand why Yankees fans had reason to be nervous and Orioles fans had reason to be excited when Davis batted as the tying run in the ninth inning of Saturday afternoon's game against Ivan Nova. The slugger lifted a fly ball towards that short right field porch and, well, watch:

That was a dangerous looking fly ball off the bat that looked even more dangerous based on Ichiro Suzuki's reaction. The ball ultimately settled into Ichiro's glove for the second out and Nova went on to complete the shutout and move his team ahead of the O's in the standings.

Now here's a fourth truth: Ichiro has always been a fun guy and is a straight up troll at times. Here's what he told reporters after the game:

I'm pretty sure Ichiro is the only player in baseball who could pull that off.

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