The longest winning streak in American League history just got a little longer.

Thursday night the Cleveland Indians extended their record winning streak to 22 games with a 10th-inning walk-off win over the Kansas City Royals (CLE 3, KC 2). Jay Bruce clinched the win with a walk-off double into the right field corner to score Jose Ramirez.

Here is Bruce's walk-off double:

The real drama came in the ninth inning when the Indians were down 2-1 and down to their final strike. Francisco Lindor saved the day with a game-tying double off the left field wall. 

Here is Lindor's streak-saving hit:

The Royals led Thursday's game for a total of four innings, which might not sound like much, but during the first 21 games of the streak, the Indians trailed for four innings total. Goodness.

Thursday's game was the first walk-off win for the Indians during the 22-game winning streak. They've outscored their opponents 142-37 during the 22 games, which is incredible.

The 22-game winning streak is now the second longest in baseball history. Here are the five longest:

  1. 1916 Giants: 26 games
  2. 2017 Indians: 22 games and counting
  3. 1935 Cubs: 21 games
  4. 2002 Athletics: 20 games
  5. 1906 White Sox: 19 games

That 1916 Giants streak is somewhat controversial, because there was a tie in the middle of the streak. The Giants won 12 straight games, tied one game, then won 14 straight games. Per the rules of the era, ties did not count in the standings, and the game was replayed the next day. All the individual player stats from the tie counted, but the game itself did not. The game was replayed the next day, and the Giants won. MLB officially considers it a 26-game winning streak, so that's the record.

Following Thursday's win, the Indians are now 91-55 and have the best record in the American League. They'll clinch their second straight AL Central title in the coming days and, thanks to this streak, they can now focus on securing the league's best record, which would give the Indians home-field advantage through at least the ALCS.