Over the past few weeks, the hot stove has gone cold -- to the extent that you might say baseball has been put on ice for the holidays.

On Monday, that comment took on a different, literal meaning -- at least at Busch Stadium. Typically the home of the St. Louis Cardinals, the venue brought in 2017 by hosting an NHL game between the Chicago Blackhawks and St. Louis Blues. Here's what the rink looked like:

Busch Stadium didn't look like its usual self on Monday. USATSI

It's always surreal to see a stadium -- especially one designed for baseball -- transformed into a host for another sport -- especially hockey. Consider this picture, where you can see the upper deck in the background:

Busch Stadium's lights usually illuminate grass, not ice. USATSI

And this one, of the Stan Musial statue out in front of banners advertising the day's game:

Stan Musial didn't see this coming. USATSI

The Blues won 4-1, by the way, meaning the home crowd had sufficient reason to cheer. Of course, folks were guaranteed to go home happy anyway, since everyone's favorite St. Lunatic, Nelly, did his thing before the game:

Nelly is best known for his song "Hot in Herre" -- you might know it as a subtle commentary on global warming -- but his list of accomplishments is more impressive than many realize. How many performers can claim to have performed at a Super Bowl and at a hockey game played inside a baseball stadium? Add in Nelly's appearance in a Cheerios commercial, and he deserves respect.