MIAMI -- At the Futures' Game on Sunday in Marlins Park, restorative food was crushed, and wholesome, nutritious alcohol was quaffed. The passive voice is necessary because the People of Baseball have little choice but to bury our gaping maws in helmet nachos and vessels of foamy uplift. 

Speaking of the concessions available at the All-Star Game in Miami, the consenting adult should know that they are reflective of both ascendant demand and captive consumers. Please bear broke-ass witness ... 


All right.  So we're talking roughly $1 per ounce on the beer front, which seems contrary to the wishes of the people. Furthermore, regard the hot dog/cheeseburger combo prices. So if you're a person of sound decisions, you'll wind up spending, before taxes, $160 on a simple peasant's meal of cheeseburger combo plus nine primo tall boys. That's at once no way to live and the way to live. 

People, money's for spending, and this logic also applies to short-term lines of credit.