On Saturday night, the Seattle Mariners celebrated the 20-year anniversary of "Turn Ahead the Clock Night" -- a league-wide promotion that saw teams don different, often ridiculous uniforms.

The enduring image of the M's "Turn Ahead the Clock" night uniforms is Ken Griffey Jr. wearing his cap backward. Saturday's starting pitcher, Felix Hernandez, paid homage to the Kid during his pregame warmup:

Hernandez took the mound the mound with his jersey untucked. Unfortunately, Dee Gordon and the other Mariners hitters were asked to assume the normal look before the were allowed to hit. No word on whether a French tuck would have been an acceptable compromise:

The Royals, the M's opponents also broke out their old, forward-looking uniforms. Like the Mariners, they once opted for a sleeveless look:

So far as promotions go, this one looks like a success. It made for an unusual viewing experience, one that combined baseball's past with its present and future. The players seemed to enjoy rocking a different look, and -- because baseball is always quick to remind us that it's a business first and foremost -- the teams made some money off merchandise sales. Is that enough to make this a league-wide promotion again come 2019? Who knows. But maybe?

As for the game, the Mariners defeated the Royals 6-4 (highlights) behind a big night from first baseman Ryon Healy, who was six years old the last time the M's wore their futuristic threads. Healy had a 4 for 4 night that included a home run and three runs batted in. Hernandez, more commonly associated with the past than the future, threw five innings while permitting three runs.