Mets higherups have decided to delay the $100-million call on David Wright

Mets decision-makers have decided to wait before making David Wright a multiyear extension offer. The decision to delay an proposal that could make him a Met for life has something to do with being prudent after an uncharacteristically so-so 2011 season by Wright but perhaps also a bit to do with escalating contracts for comparable players.

This is the latest $100-million Mets decision.

This isn't exactly like the Jose Reyes call, though, because Mets people view Wright as a better long-term risk for a variety of reasons, but primarily because he hasn't had the injury history of Reyes. The Mets-owning Wilpons also now have a firm belief now that they'll be able to keep the team after the Madoff situation was settled favorably this spring -- although, nobody could suggest they are exactly flush with cash.

That being said, the Mets owners love Wright personally (though Fred Wilpon's comment about Wright not being a superstar to The New Yorker is memorable) and have no thoughts at this moment about trading him should they start to slip in the standings. Of course, that could change if their nice 4-2 start turns out to be a mirage.

The Mets aren't rushing to sign him, either, and Ryan Zimmeran's $100-million, six-year extension probably didn't help the cause for a long Wright deal, as even Mets people would concede they are comparable players. They are more than compare players, too, as both players have a special place in the fans' hearts, Zimmerman because he's a Virginia product playing for the Washington Nationals and Wright because he's a home-grown star.  

Mets people are going to "wait it out and see where it is later'' said someone familiar with their thinking. The person added that Mets people see "no reason to jump.'' The New York Daily News suggested club higherups are discussing what to do about a multiyear deal for Wright, but more precisely they've already decided to table the matter.

Wright, 29, is already one of the team's all-time greats ("our Jeter'' once person in the organization has called him), but his disappointing 2011 season, when he hit only .254 with 12 home runs and 64 RBIs, has given them pause. He is expected to thrive with the new closer dimensions at Citi Field, and so far he has, batting .583 with a 1.480 OPS through his first four games (he's missed the last two games with a broken pinky), but that hasn't changed their stance.

While he is beloved in the organization, the Mets are taking a business approach to the Wright situation. They hold a $16-million option on Wright for 2012 with a $1 million buyout, and that seems like a slam-dunk to pick up. But they will wait on that, too.

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