Mets interested in dealing Pelfrey; good luck with that

The Mets would like to trade Mike Pelfrey, sources say. However, the likelihood of finding a taker considering his abysmal spring and high salary seems remote. Pelfrey has a 14.90 ERA this spring.

Sources suggest the Mets aren't enamored wigth Pelfrey's salary (no surprise there, as he makes $5.6875 million) or his body language. "He gives off a deer-in-the-headlights look,'' one A.L. scout said.

Thee Mets could release Pelfrey and be responsible for only one-fourth his salary, but that doesn't seem especially likely, either. Pelfrey, 28, has allowed 20 hits in 9 2/3 this spring, which isn't easy to do. Last year he was 7-13 with a 4.74 ERA, and he came to camp saying he was determined to make amends for that.

"The best thing for him might be to get out of New York,'' one rival exec said.

One other issue with trading Pelfrey is that the Mets don't have depth among starters. Veteran Miguel Batista is their sixth starter right now. Top prospect Matt Harvey, like Pelfrey a former No. 1 pick, was very impressive this spring, with all shutout innings, before being sent out. Harvey, though, had a 3.32 ERA in Double-A last year so he didn't quite dominate that level.

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