Just in case you either haven't yet seen the footage (welcome back from the moon!), here's Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper and Giants reliever Hunter Strickland erupting into a brouhaha on Memorial Day: 

That number 60 jersey being worn by Strickland was actually being auctioned off on MLB.com: 


We use the word was because it has been pulled. The auction was supposed to conclude at 11 p.m. ET on Wednesday night. Instead, it vanished. 

But now on Thursday afternoon, the page shows that the jersey was sold for $200. It's just that the wording on the page was changed to remove mention of the fight: 


So this is odd. Did someone try to bid $1,500 and have their bid totally removed when someone at MLB decided to alter the auction in order to remove the promotion of the fight? Or did that same person stay vigilant in checking the page and end up saving $1,300? 

Regardless, it's funny that MLB didn't actually pull the auction but instead put the jersey back up, just without promoting that it was actually the jersey from the fight as if we wouldn't notice.