MLB denies Mets' no-hit appeal

Not that there was ever any real doubt, but R.A. Dickey officially pitched a one-hitter on Wednesday night.

Major League Baseball ruled Friday that the original ruling will stand, and B.J. Upton's first-inning infield single will remain in the record books as the lone hit against Dickey, the Mets' amazing knuckleballer. The Mets had appealed for a change in the scoring, asking that the play be changed to an error on their third baseman, David Wright.

The Mets' appeal never had any real chance, as replays were fairly clear in showing that the official scorer had correctly awarded Upton with a hit. Wright made an attempt at a bare-hand play, his only real chance to get the speedy Upton.'s Jon Heyman ripped the Mets for even filing an appeal.

Appeals of scoring decisions are actually quite common, and often succeed in getting calls overturned. Just this week, the Twins succeeded in getting a hit for Josh Willingham, extending his hitting streak.

The difference here was that the play was rather obviously called correctly, and also that a no-hitter would have been the result if it was overturned.

It shouldn't have been changed. And it wasn't.

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