Good news sports fans, baseball is officially (almost) back, back, back. The return to play plan was not without a ton drama, but MLB teams have finally reported to summer camp, which was postponed from the spring due to the coronavirus pandemic. Players began arriving to their respective parks and stadiums this week, and it is a beautiful sight to baseball fans and one that may feel too good to be true at first.

In late June, MLB announced a 60-game season for 2020, with Opening Day set for July 23 or 24. Before the season could get started, of course, players need to report to "spring" training, which was scheduled to begin on July 1.

Seeing players actually walk up to stadiums together for "summer camp" definitely made the highly anticipated return of the sport feel more real. Here are some videos and snapshots of MLB stars returning to their respective ballparks:

Here are the defending World Series champions.

The Phillies quoted fictional Pennsylvania-native Michael Scott.

Trying to stay calm is a trend.

Yes, baseball is back, but we're still in a pandemic, so keep wearing your masks and washing your hands.

Social distancing is also important.

I spotted zero trash cans. 2020 really is unprecedented. 

Aaron Judge is back at it again.

Rolling up to Fenway Park.

Hey Alexa, play "Home Sweet Home."

Sound up for this one.

Smile for the camera!

Not a bad view.

A Diddy classic to sum up the Diamondbacks being back at Chase Field.

Back at home with masks to match.

Guess who's back, back again.

The three essentials: Mask, chain, bat.

Getting ready for the season.

Pose for the camera.