The Boston Red Sox aren't that far removed from one of their worst starts in franchise history, but hey, at least they no longer have clubhouse distractions like "Fortnite" to blame.

That's according to WEEI's Rob Bradford, who reported this week that the team recently declared the popular video game "counterproductive to putting their best foot forward on the field."

The Sox, of course, are no stranger to "Fortnite." The team proudly marketed a trip to Microsoft to play the game during its 2018 World Series run. Starting pitcher David Price famously admitted to playing the game for up to three hours a day around the same time he battled carpal tunnel syndrome -- before using the game as preparation for his World Series start.

Price said Thursday "there is no ban" on the game in the clubhouse, per the Boston Globe, but admitted teammates don't play as much anymore. In fact, according to Bradford, video games are nowhere to be found this season.

"I haven't seen it this year," pitcher Nathan Eovaldi told Bradford regarding "Fortnite." "Usually everybody had it set up in their lockers. But I haven't seen it ... maybe if we were doing a little better, maybe we would be doing it, but you can't be losing and playing 'Fortnite' in the clubhouse."

Eovaldi, who joined Price in "Fortnite" gaming during the 2018 World Series and was apparently recruited to return to the Red Sox this offseason through the game's messaging system, added that things were different when he first came to Boston. Noting that his previous team, the Tampa Bay Rays, didn't allow clubhouse video games, he indicated that "Fortnite" restrictions are a lot looser with the Sox when "we're in first place [and] everybody's ... getting the job done."

According to Bradford, the Sox now occupy pre-game time with by filling out crossword puzzles and playing cards.

They aren't the first team to be affected by "Fortnite." Cleveland Indians veteran Carlos Santana literally took a baseball bat to a TV after he discovered Philadelphia Phillies teammates playing the game during a game in 2018. And numerous NHL teams reportedly view "Fortnite" as a major distraction for their players.