Rockies players to management: Please don't sell

NEW YORK -- Rockies management has been on the fence about buying or selling at the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline.

Rockies players are not.

"I don't know if we'll be buyers, but I hope we're not sellers," Michael Cuddyer said Monday at the All-Star Game.

"No one gave us a chance this year, but we're sitting 4 1/2 out [in the NL West]," Troy Tulowitzki said. "We know we have a chance. The Rockies are always known for their runs in the second half."

Rockies officials were telling teams last week that they had both buy and sell scenarios, and the series against the Dodgers leading into the All-Star break could be decisive. As it turned out, the Rockies split that series, falling one game further behind the first-place Diamondbacks and remaining two games behind the second-place Dodgers.

The Rockies have mainly been targeting starting pitchers. They made perhaps the best offer for Ricky Nolasco in terms of prospects but weren't able to complete a deal because ownership wasn't willing to pick up all the remaining money on Nolasco's contract.

Cuddyer knows that there's a small chance the Rockies could even trade him.

"I treat the trade deadline kind of like reading US Weekly or People magazine -- entertainment value," he said. "I do follow it, but I don't take everything to heart."

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