Ever since the rules were put in to limit collisions at home plate, I've lamented that runners on close plays haven't been creative enough with slides. Just because you can't bowl over the catcher doesn't mean you have to slide directly into a tag.

On that front, let us admire the acrobatics here from Blue Jays utility man Chris Coghlan, eluding Cardinals backstop Yadier Molina for a run: 

Risky but effective and unbelievably fun to watch. Even the home fans offered a rousing ovation at that effort.

We aren't gonna see many plays more athletic in baseball this decade. Sure, Coghlan was more lucky than good when it came to landing exactly on home plate, but that's overall an incredible move. 

The last time I remember seeing that was in "Major League 2," and that's a movie. 

Take a bow, Mr. Coghlan. That's going to be immortal when it comes to fun baseball replays.