The Yankees have made a list of possible third base fill-ins. And they may have to check it not once or twice, but many times. Because it's long. Very long.

The list includes Chase Headley (in fact, in terms of desirability it may be headed by Headley, though he remains a long shot). But it stretches from The Bronx to Queens.

(Some of the list is below.)

The list is of potential third basemen to fill in while Alex Rodriguez is out with a broken hand. But since the Yankees are almost certain to win the division and A-Rod will be back in anywhere from four to seven weeks, the replacement doesn't have to be a superstar.

And that isn't the only reason. The Yankees already have Eric Chavez -- who they like very much -- to play third in A-Rod's absence. And they also have Jayson Nix, with Eduardo Nunez on the way back.

Anyway, after Headley, who is thought of as a long shot since the Yankees don't want to part with top prospects, especially for a need of minor importance. Here are some others thought to be on the list (there's probably more): Willie Bloomquist, Brendan Ryan, Yunel Escobar, Chone Figgins, Ty Wigginton, Jose Lopez and Cody Ransom.

Mark Reynolds may be on the list, too, but that's a long shot. Scott Rolen may be, too, but he's pretty fragile these days. Stephen Drew is thought to be too expensive in terms of prospects. Marco Scutaro came off when he went in trade to San Francisco.

Escobar isn't an interesting one since he's a shortstop. Figgins is, too, since he's played his way into baseball oblivion for nearly two years.