Oklahoma City Thunder's Enes Kanter was not allowed to leave a Romanian airport Saturday after the Turkish embassy cancelled his passport but the NBA confirmed he was later put on a plane to London. 

Kanter explained his situation on Twitter claiming his passport was cancelled due to his political views. Kanter, who is Turkish and has played in the NBA since 2011, also posted a picture on his Twitter that simply said #FreeEnes while he posed with two police officers.

Romanian Border Police reported that because of Kanter's documents he was not allowed to enter Romania. While he was not allowed to enter the country he was able to move around the airport while waiting. The NBA confirmed he was later put on a plane to London.

"Today at around 1 p.m. local time an individual arrived from Frankfurt," Mr. Fabian Badila, a spokesman for the Romanian border police, said in an interview. "My colleagues established that his travel documents weren't valid, that they had been canceled by his home country, so he wasn't allowed to enter the country.

"At around 5 p.m., he left the airport on a flight to London," Mr. Badila continued. "While he was at the airport he wasn't detained or locked up, he was allowed to wander around, but he couldn't enter the country."

Via The New York Times

Kanter confirmed his location via Twitter afterwards. He also announced a press conference in New York for Sunday.