Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum is having a rough offseason. First he and Kevin Durant got into a public argument on McCollum's podcast, in which Durant expressly told him that the Blazers have no shot at winning the NBA title. Then McCollum compared Durant joining Golden State to some elaborate situation between rival gangs. Yikes.

Then on Wednesday, McCollum once again made headlines for saying that he thinks the idea of superteams is "disgusting," which prompted the ire of many fans. One of those fans was Jennifer Williams, who replied to the quote on Twitter by saying, "Win a playoff game then talk."

McCollum's response, "Im trying Jennifer," is exactly what bored, August NBA Twitter was waiting for. It immediately spawned a series of retweets, memes, GIFs and photoshops, the best of which are presented below for your approval.

Even McCollum himself couldn't help but laugh at all the attention his comment attracted.

No word on whether McCollum will get his shirt, but a fan quickly made up a prototype for McCollum's jersey next season.

NBA Twitter moves quickly, so chances are this will die down and McCollum can go back to being a borderline All-Star next season. But the internet never forgets, so you better believe "Im trying Jennifer" memes will be out in full force the next time McCollum and/or the Blazers struggle.