After many NFL players and teams took the knee during the national anthem last week, most people were wondering if any NBA teams would follow the same path. In particular, all eyes were on the Golden State Warriors given the recent comments from the likes of Steph Curry and Draymond Green, as well as President Trump's decision to rescind their invitation to the White House.

However, before their first preseason game Saturday night against the Denver Nuggets, the Warriors decided not to do anything, instead simply standing in a row as a team. After the game, Green explained the team's decision, saying that they didn't need to hold any sort of protest because everyone already knows where they stand.

Additionally, Green said he felt that continuing to make gestures distracts from the actual issues the protest is intended to bring to light.

Green's full thoughts:

"There wasn't a discussion or a decision. We said what we had to say. Everybody knows we don't need to do anything else to show where we stand. Everyone knows where we stand. People make what they want out of it. It's at a point now where everyone knows where the conversation started. It's about capitalizing on that and making things better. [Kaepernick] made the statement a year ago. I don't knock anybody for doing what they want to do or what they feel they need to do. But the conversation started at this point. The more you make gestures, that becomes the conversation. That's besides the point. 

Before the start of the preseason, the NBA sent teams a memo reiterating the league's rule that players must stand for the national anthem, and clarified that teams do not have the option to waive that rule for any players.