The Chicago Bulls had a tough night in Boston. 

First, the Bulls were outscored by 13 points in the fourth quarter as the Celtics pulled away late for a 108-97 victory that put them up 3-2, and gave the No. 1 seed control of the series. If that wasn't enough, the Bulls' night quickly got worse, as they learned there was no hot water in the visitor locker room. 

Ah, just what everyone wants after a tough playoff loss: taking a cold shower. 

While this might seem like simply an unfortunate malfunction of the water heater, it's pretty clear what's really going on here. Red Auerbach's ghost has returned to TD Garden to mess with the Bulls. 

Back in his heyday, Auerbach was a master at giving his Celtics every little bit of home-court advantage they could get. As Charley Rosen explained some years back on ESPN's Page 2:

Back in the glory days of the Celtics, Red Auerbach squeezed every bit of home-court advantage he could out of Boston Garden. Visiting teams would be assigned a different locker room every time they came to town, a subtle tactic that increased their sense of alienation and discomfort.

A more obvious, and odious, annoyance for the visitors was the discovery that, no matter which locker room they occupied, at least one of the toilets would be jammed up and overflowing. Also, since all of the locker rooms were heated by radiator pipes, Auerbach employed a traditional hockey strategy -- arranging for the boiler to be stoked at just the right time so that the radiators in the visitors' quarters would be clanging and banging just as they arrived. The same process would be repeated to coincide with the halftime intermission.

Now, this happened after the game, so it didn't exactly help the Celtics win, but there's no way this wasn't Auerbach's ghost playing a little trick for old time's sake.