After a day full of uncertainty, Gordon Hayward made it official by announcing his intent to sign with the Boston Celtics in an essay on The Player's Tribune on Tuesday.

The move was somewhat anticipated, but that didn't stop Twitter from going bonkers after the whole fiasco.

Nuggets forward Trey Lyles, whom the Jazz traded on draft night, was one of the first to throw some shade Utah's way.

And of course there was the ceremonial burning of the Hayward jersey by Jazz fans.

A couple of Hayward's future teammates, Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford, were quick to tweet their reactions.

And then there was the normal, always-hilarious Twitter reaction.

Meanwhile, the Jazz immediately put out the message that they have a new franchise player before deleting it and sending a more fan-friendly farewell to Hayward.


And here's how Rudy Gobert took the news (NSFW language in video):

It may have taken a little longer than expected, but Hayward's decision definitely produced the Twitter reaction we were waiting for.