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Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler has been one of the biggest stars in the NBA bubble. He's led the Heat to a 2-0 lead against the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals, and on top of that, he reportedly had hotel security sent to his room after people complained about a "loud bumping" in his room. It turned out to be Butler dribbling a basketball late at night while players were quarantined prior to the regular season picking back up.

Butler has also been known as a connoisseur of coffee as he brought a French press to the NBA bubble. Other players in the bubble began approaching Butler about using his French press and now he's starting to charge to use it.

Butler clearly is taking advantage of being the only game in town when it comes to coffee. Players are obviously limited in their options considering that they can't leave the bubble.

The Heat star is charging $20 regardless of what size they're getting. Butler is clearly robbing his teammates for a cup of coffee, but he clearly doesn't mind.

In addition, Butler isn't allowing players to pay him back later, which is downright hilarious. Butler is clearly a smart businessman that understands the concept of supply and demand. 

Butler even filed three trademarks for "Big Face Coffee," which is what he's calling the company. According to trademark attorney Josh Gerben, Butler has paid $4,125 in fees to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Teammate Bam Adebayo sat down with ESPN's Rachel Nichols and revealed that he wanted to join "Big Face Coffee." However, Butler turned him down.

His teammate Goran Dragic couldn't even get his caffeinated fix the night after Miami's big Game 1 win over Boston. 

Butler is clearly taking the business very seriously and his teammates are paying his exorbitant prices.