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Picture day isn't fun for anyone. You have to put on your pre-selected outfit, go stand in front of a photographer that really doesn't care about the end result any more than you do, and put on your best "I don't hate this" smile until it's time to move on. The USA Basketball Team, practicing in Las Vegas, is no different. The team's portraits came out on Thursday, and they're... not the best.

John Wall's, for example, was so bad that the poor Wizards' Twitter account deleted what was supposed to be a prideful post. However, just because that photo got scrubbed doesn't mean that Twitter will forget. It never does. And Wall was soundly destroyed for his photo.

Wall is either having the best or worst summer ever. Maybe somehow both. However, Wall isn't the only one getting summarily cooked by Twitter. The Pistons were well-represented, with Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond getting on the team.

And although the Pistons still have it up, people aren't being easy on Griffin.

This is leading to some perfectly valid fears about this team as it begins training in Las Vegas.

They'll be fine, probably. With that being said, when the guy representing the NBA team from nation's capital looks like Ed Reed: The Later Years, it's completely fair that some people have a few worries about the team.