Kevin Durant hasn't played for the Nets since Feb. 15, but unfortunately, it appears as though his return from the hamstring strain that has kept him sidelined is still a ways away. Nets coach Steve Nash updated reporters on his condition Wednesday and indicated that Durant is still weeks away from coming back. 

"We're monitoring it and expect him to make a full recovery," Nash said. "And hopefully it won't be too long. But he's probably got a couple weeks of ramp-up left."

Durant has rehabbed on the road with the Nets, who won in Indiana on Wednesday. His injury initially appeared to be relatively minor, but scans revealed more bleeding than the team expected. They are now being as safe as possible with their superstar forward, whose health will be essential this postseason as the Nets attempt to win their first NBA championship. 

When he has been out on the floor for Brooklyn this season, Durant has looked like his old self. In the 19 games he has appeared in so far, Durant is averaging 29 points, 7.3 rebounds and 5.3 assists per performance. Luckily for the Nets, they've been able to take care of business in Durant's absence. They've gone 11-1 in the 12 games since Durant last played, after the Philadelphia 76ers lost to the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday, are now tied for the Eastern Conference's top seed. All-Stars James Harden and Kyrie Irving have both picked up the slack in a major way. They're 3-0 since the break and currently occupy the top spot in our latest NBA Power Rankings.

The fact the Nets have played as well as they have even though their star trio of Durant, Harden and Irving has barely played together is pretty impressive. One has to assume that once Durant returns to the rotation and the team gains some chemistry and familiarity, they'll begin to take what's already a winning team and take it to an even higher level.