LaVar Ball promised that his three sons, Lonzo Ball, LaMelo Ball and LiAngelo Ball, would all make it to the NBA. Now, he's promising that they would win a championship if they played together. Currently, Lonzo is with New Orleans Pelicans, LaMelo is with the Charlotte Hornets after being drafted No. 3 overall and LiAngelo is a free agent.

LaVar has always been confident -- and very open -- about his sons' abilities. Now that all three have their NBA connection, he's only grown more confident. He sat down on "the All Things Covered" podcast to cover all things Ball brothers, make some future guarantees, discuss Michael Jordan and reflect on his sons' rise to the NBA.

The ever outspoken father of three says if all three Ball brothers join Michael Jordan's Charlotte Hornets, they would win an NBA title:

"Watch what [LaMelo does] over there in Charlotte. If all three of my boys get over there ... Mike got a chance. If Mike do the right thing, and don't let folks get in his head and say, 'You know what let me go get all three of them boys'. Get all three of them, I guarantee they win a championship. Folks don't understand that."

He explained why he thinks they'd win together, saying, "By themselves they good. With two of them, they better. But with three of them they at they best ... because the chemistry is there." He believes that on a "bad day" they'd put up 45 points a quarter together.

LaVar knows that to win a championship you have to make sacrifices, such as taking less money to build a roster and committing to staying together for a long time. He says his boys would do both.

"Our boys will be family and say we ain't worried about how much money we're getting. We can make more of that off the court. And guess what, we're gonna stay together for 15-20 years," he said.

While NBA competition is far different than what the Ball brothers faced in high school, LaVar made it a point to highlight that "the last time my three boys were together ... they went undefeated in high school ... Nobody can touch them."

As far as his own skills go, LaVar still thinks about a one-on-one against Jordan that has been previously discussed. 

"Right now, I will kill him," the 53-year-old said. "For the small price of $200 million pay-per-view, I'll give you one good game."

The NBA season begins on Tuesday night. All three Ball boys won't be together this year, but LaVar has been right about things in the past, so you never know what the future holds for the trio.