Drake spent $200,000 trying to find a super-rare LeBron James Triple Logoman card from Panini a few months ago. Unfortunately for the rapper, he never got his hands on that card. But he was on to something, because the card recently sold at auction for $2.4 million. 

The card was released five months ago, and, typically, older cards are the most valuable ones. However, the high price for this one is due to the fact that this is only the fifth Triple Logoman card created by Panini. All of them feature authentic patches of the NBA logo, but this is the first time all patches come from a single player. 

This particular 1-of-1 card has three logos cut from jerseys James wore with the three franchises he has played for: the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers.

It is the single highest priced card ever to be pulled and sold in the same year:

"The LeBron James Triple Logoman card is the undisputed holy grail of modern cards," Goldin founder and executive chairman Ken Goldin told USA Today.

In March, Drake shared his search for it on social media by posting a photo of 14 boxes of the 2020-21 Panini Flawless set. The boxes are not cheap, costing around $15,000 each, but the chance at such a lucrative investment seemed worth it for Drake. 

On May 6, the card was finally found -- but not by Drake. USA Today reported that a man named JMo from Backyard Rips discovered it while doing a livestream on Whatnot --  an online community marketplace where sports cards are bought by those watching a "breaker" open packages live.