Apparently, Cleveland didn't take too kindly to billboards saying that LeBron James should come to Philadelphia. After a strong push from a Philadelphia billboard urging James to come to Philly, LeBron said it was "dope." It was a home-remodeling company that put up the billboards in Cleveland, saying that "Philly Wants LeBron" (don't we all).

Cleveland, Ohio wouldn't be my first choice for the sequel to "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri," but here we are. James didn't offer much comment outside of saying that it was dope, but Cleveland fans can rest assured that billboards probably won't be the deciding factor in James' next contract.

With that being said, Cleveland is just a little sensitive about James; the last thing anyone there wants is to get "Decision'd" again. And Cavaliers fans will say "it was almost eight years ago, get over it," but here's the thing: They haven't. Want proof? Here's Cleveland planting their flag on The King's hallowed grounds in response.

All the subtlety of a LeBron James foul sell. It looks like they booked a Times Square billboard for not Times Square. The 76ers probably aren't too shaken up since, again, BILLBOARDS WON'T DETERMINE WHERE LEBRON JAMES GOES. However, it's unlikely James is even thinking about such things. Right now it's about putting the Cavaliers in positions to win games ... but you've got to think that it's a bit bizarre seeing cities go to such lengths to get him.