With ugly Christmas sweaters getting more and more popular, to the point that NBA teams have licensed ugly sweaters, J.R. Smith is cashing in. And taking the whole ugly sweater game to another level with his "ugly sweater hoodie" that wishes hoops-loving fans everywhere a "Merry Swishmas." 

The sweater is so self-serving, it's kind of great. It's J.R. Smith paying a bunch of homages to his favorite person ... JR Smith. Between the jersey, the made 3-pointer hand signal and, of course, Smith's own face, it basically exists to remind everyone that J.R. loves J.R.

According to TMZ, J.R. is going to rock the hoodie Thursday when the Cavs play the Lakers. They'll also be for sale at Fresh Brewed Tees.

But, all of that aside, it's a cool design, and a great idea. Hoodies are awesome. They're comfortable, they have built-in head warmers, and they just look good. Smith might be onto something with this, but I won't be happy until I see Smith wear this in warm-ups.

But, seriously, how did Smith and Fresh Brewed Tees not make an ugly sweater out of this ...