The feud between LaVar Ball and President Donald Trump might never get weirder than that bizarre CNN interview last month, but that isn't stopping Ball from trying to keep it alive. 

The world's most prominent Basketball Dad sparked up a match to reignite the rivalry Thursday afternoon, and he did in a way that not many people could have anticipated. Ball took to Twitter to share a custom-made animated GIF featuring himself dunking on POTUS in ruthless fashion.

It seems safe to assume that this wasn't created by Ball himself (though it's entertaining to envision the eldest Big Baller sitting at a computer tirelessly grinding away on Photoshop), but it's certainly creative and well-executed. (Check out the perfect loop...brilliant stuff.) 

If only we could have seen the president's reaction when he logged on to Twitter to find that in his mentions. Something tells me we'll find out what he thinks of it soon enough. In fact, it seems likely Trump will dedicate a sizable portion of the nation's defense budget to creating a whopper of a response to this attack.

The timing of Ball's tweet is interesting considering the feud seemed to be simmering down following the whole Chinese shoplifting controversy, but also because Ball has been in the news this week. The loudmouth dad has pulled his two youngest sons, 18-year-old LiAngelo and 16-year-old LaMelo, out of school and set them up with an agent that will help them play basketball overseas. It would be quite ironic if their new team ends up being located in China.

Maybe aiming a buzzworthy tweet at Trump is Ball's strategy for deflecting media coverage away from the vast uncertainty surrounding his basketball golden tickets children, and maybe it will work. After all, deflecting is something that Ball has proven to be quite good at. But, then again, he's going up against a guy who has plenty of experience in that department as well.