Beware the wrath of Doc Rivers.

The Clippers lost Game 1 of their first-round playoff series with the Utah Jazz in the worst way possible, so the last thing the Clippers coach probably wanted to do was answer questions.

One question in particular, however, caused Rivers to unload on the unsuspecting reporter who asked it. Bleacher Report writer Eric Pincus asked Doc whether, down two points with about 18 seconds left, he ever considered running the clock down to take the last shot of regulation.

Doc wasn't having any of it.

"Who would do that? Like, why would you ever do that?" Doc responded. "So if you miss, the game's over? That makes no sense. No, no, that is like the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Now, when you're down two, you try to score. You don't wait. No. You score. If you can score in one second, you score."

So ... like ... you should try to score? Doc sure hammered the point home, didn't he?

To be fair, the traditional strategy would dictate that you do exactly what Rivers said -- try to score as quickly as possible, so that if you miss you have time to foul and get another possession. However, it is the playoffs and Chris Paul certainly had it going late in the game, so the question probably wasn't outlandish enough to illicit that kind of response.

More likely, Rivers was probably taking out frustration from suffering a brutal loss to a Utah Jazz team that saw Rudy Gobert leave the game just 17 seconds in. At least Pincus was a good sport about the whole thing.

Indeed some memes were already being thrown out there pretty much immediately after the comment:

The media better be prepared for some fire if the Clippers fall into an 0-2 hole after Tuesday's Game 2.