Russell Westbrook will not refer to FedEx Forum as the 'Grindhouse'

Westbrook doesn't like nicknames for road arenas. (USATSI)
Russell Westbrook doesn't like nicknames for road arenas. (USATSI)

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Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook has been known to troll a road arena or two. He infamously denied Denver Nuggets' fans free queso when the mascot Rocky took a half court shot twice in the span of a couple minutes and Westbrook goal tended the shot each time. Had Rocky made it, the crowd would've received a coupon for free queso. The trolling has traveled to Memphis where the locals have nicknamed the arena of the Grizzlies the "Grindhouse."

Just don't expect Westbrook to refer to it or let someone in his presence refer to it as the "Grindhouse." He would like to make sure FedEx gets its money's worth for buying the naming rights to the FedEx Forum. From the Commercial Appeal

He was responding to a question from one of Memphis's longest-tenured TV sports anchors, Jarvis Greer, that went like this: "Your road record is one of the best in the NBA but talk a little bit specifically about playing here in the Grindhouse against this team."

Westbrook gave Greer a bit of a quizzical look and said, ""You said the FedExForum? That's the name of the arena, right?"

To which, Greer answered in the affirmative. Then Westbrook continued: "Uh, playing at the, uh, FedExForum , it's a good arena, the fans are loud and they cheer on their team and we just gotta come in and play our game."

If the Grizzlies' fans don't get a "Grind-House!" chant going every time Westbrook touches the ball tonight, then what are we even doing in the playoffs right now?

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