The Warriors' choice of visiting the White House or not has been a non guarantee ever since they won the championship. Both Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry have come out in opposition of visiting. Curry said the Warriors can make a statement by choosing to not go to the White House and his vote would be 'no'.

Donald Trump didn't appreciate Curry's comments and came out on Twitter to say that he has rescinded the Warriors' invitation to the White House, saying it's an honor for a championship team to visit.

Trump's presidency has been a point of contention among athletes as of late. He said recently that the NFL should cut any players who kneel during the national anthem and NBA players like Durant said they do not respect him. Durant and Curry aren't the first members of the NBA to criticize Trump. Cavaliers star LeBron James, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich and Grizzlies coach David Fizdale have all criticized him in the past. 

Curry has also earned support from the NBA Players Union with Executive Director Michele Roberts, who tells Curry to treat this moment as a badge of honor.

Not that Roberts supporting a player is a surprise of any kind, but this has to be encouraging for athletes like Curry to not be afraid to speak out when they feel it's necessary.