We joke, but Stephen Curry seriously might not be human. I mean, have we ever actually seen the DNA evidence? Somebody do some digging, because trying to keep up with this guy's assault on NBA history is exhausting. 

Curry did it again Monday, ravaging the 76ers to the tune of 10 3-pointers and 49 points in a 106-97 Warriors victory. Curry scored 20 in the fourth quarter while hitting all five of his 3-pointers. He did this in a little over six minutes. 

I'm sure I'm missing something, but here are a few of the marks Curry registered on Monday -- which almost surely will have to be updated again on Wednesday when Golden State faces the Wizards, who would be wise to relocate to a bomb shelter over the next 36 hours. 

First, it was Curry's 11th straight game with at least 30 points, which broke Kobe Bryant's record for old-guy scoring:

Curry also passed Michael Jordan:

His past five games are also in the record book:

He also appears to be shooting through a Hula hoop while world-class shooters are stuck trying to conquer one of those optical-illusion carnival rims:

Put another way ...

A little perspective: Curry has made more 3-pointers over the past 11 games (78) than Chris Paul has made all season (73). Check out what the guy is doing in April:

Also, as predicted here, Curry is now your official league scoring leader:

I'm sure I'm missing something. As I said, if you want to start getting into the "this guy is hitting for this average on days that begin with T in cities with a greater population than Denver" stats, you might fill up an entire book. Even by his alien sociopathic standards, the run Curry is on right now is bonkers. I'm trying to stay committed to the belief that he can't win the MVP, but he's making it more difficult every night. I know this for sure: He has been the best player in the league this season. Debate a wall on that.