The NBA, much like Major League Baseball, has a few unwritten rules. They aren't talked about as much, but one of them is well-known: When the game is over and you have it in hand, just dribble out the clock. Jamal Murray defied that rule for the Nuggets on Tuesday in a 115-107 win over the Celtics, tossing up a shot as time expired in an attempt to bring his 48 points up to 50.

Kyrie Irving took issue with Murray's shot, taking the ball and chucking it into the stands in response to Murray's attempt.

Murray's immediate reaction says it all. He doesn't seem particularly bothered by the response, shrugging it off. But Irving clearly did not like the display. If Murray really wanted to be disrespectful, he could have taken it to the hole for that last bucket, but just taking the shot was apparently enough.

On Tuesday's "Off the Bench" podcast, Danny Kanell and Raja Bell talk about how warranted Irving's display was, and they agree: Don't let Murray go for 48 points and he won't have the chance to shoot for 51. Bell also talks about some of the chemistry problems the young Celtics have. They're 6-4 to start the year, but people tend to expect more from a team that was a game away from the NBA Finals without some of its best players on the floor a year ago.

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