You're watching "Late Night With David Letterman" -- I mean, the Brooklyn Nets media day. The comedy legend and television show host crashed the Nets media on Monday and asked all the hard-hitting questions to players. Introducing himself as "Dave from Basketball Digest," Letterman asked Kevin Durant why fans call him K.D., unlocking the answers to one of basketball's greatest mysteries.

Letterman also asked the NBA star if he was allowed to call him K.D., to which Durant replied, "yeah."

"My first name is Kevin, with a K and my last name is Durant, with a D," he responded to Letterman.

If Durant was in on the bit, he did a fantastic job of acting and not breaking his expression. Letterman then asked Durant what percentage of effort he would put on the court this season. "110%," the 32-year-old replied.

K.D. was playing along until Letterman brought up the Knicks. The 74-year-old comedian said he just got off the phone with the Dolan family (who own the Knicks) and claimed that league was looking into allowing Durant to play for the New York Knicks on days he was not playing for the Nets.

"All right, Dave, that was the last one," the two-time NBA champion said. "They let anyone in here."

But Letterman couldn't resist asking one more question:

"What about the Pelicans? When you play the Pelicans does it kind of make you giggle?" Laughing, Durant replied, "Yeah."

When Letterman announced that his time was up, Durant gave him a "Good job, Dave." It is unclear why Letterman was at the Nets media day and, based on his questions, I'm not sure if he'll be invited back.