Wizards' Isaiah Thomas tries to untie Markelle Fultz's shoes, soon loses his own shoe mid-play

The University of Washington has produced a number of NBA players over the years, and two of their former point guards went head-to-head on Tuesday night when Isaiah Thomas and the Washington Wizards met Markelle Fultz and the Orlando Magic. But even though Fultz was a fellow Husky, Thomas wasn't taking it easy on the youngster.

Less than a minute into the game, Thomas tried to take a page out of J.R. Smith's playbook by attempting to untie Fultz's shoes while he waited for an inbounds pass. Thomas wasn't quite quick enough, though, or perhaps Fultz's shoe-tying skills were too good, because he couldn't complete his prank. Fultz realized what was happening, and cut away to get the ball. 

Unfortunately for Thomas, he soon learned the lesson Justin Timberlake was trying to teach us over a decade ago. What goes around comes back around, and late in the third quarter, Thomas lost his own shoe in the middle of a play. As he tried to plant to drive past DJ Augustin, his shoe slipped right off, and he had to give the ball up. 

He did get his shoe back on and come down the next possession and make a 3, but still. This was a quick and funny lesson in karma for the Wizards point guard. 

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