Once football actually starts, people are going to do things on the field causing them to get fined. Fans -- and players -- will complain voraciously about said fines, alleging the NFL is unfair, hates [team x] and generally metes out punishment by spinning a wheel of fate.

Not true! The NFL actually has a schedule of fines every year it uses as a basis for fining players throughout the year.

In a very welcome act of transparency, former standout player and current NFL VP Troy Vincent tweeted out a) the fine schedule and b) the entire process that goes into fines.

See? There IS a method to the madness. Even if you disagree with the way the league fines your team. 

For future reference, the full fine schedule:

Violation First Offense Second Offense
Fighting $27,562 $55,125
Spearing $22,050 $44,100
Impermissible use of the helmet $22,050 $44,100
Hit on defenseless player $22,050 $44,100
Blindsided block $22,050 $44,100
Horse collar tackle $16,637 $33,075
Leg whip $16,637 $33,075
Roughing the passer $16,637 $33,075
Excessive profanity; unsportsmanlike conduct $11,025 $22,020
Striking/Kicking/Kneeing $8,268 $15,539
Face Mask $8,268 $15,539
Late Hit $8,268 $15,539
Low Block $8,268 $15,539
Chop lock $8,268 $15,539
Taunting $8,268 $15,539
Unnecessarily entering fight area (active involvement) $5,512 $11,025
Football into stands $5,512 $11,025
Unnecessarily entering fight area (no active involvement) $2,756 $8,26