Tom Brady's hand injury has mostly flown under the radar for the first few days of Super Bowl week, largely because the Patriots quarterback looked great against the Jaguars in the AFC Championship Game. Brady had his very-much-on-brand 12 stitches removed, but he is still battling the injury and still wearing gloves throughout the week to cover his right hand, just as he was doing before the AFC title game.

The glove he's wearing this week, however, is extremely conspicuous and Brady is unafraid to talk about it. Perhaps because it's a magical glove made by UnderArmour that has "a lot of recovery in it." 

Say what now? Brady, speaking at his Super Bowl podium on Tuesday afternoon during Patriots media availability, appeared to claim his glove helped him recover from the injury because it has "a lot of recovery in it." I'm repeating the phrase because it doesn't feel very believable.

Judge for yourself:

Brady is not the first athlete to brag about magical healing powers. Russell Wilson once said he used nanobubbles to help recover from a head injury in the middle of the NFC Championship game a few years ago.

Wilson was an investor in the product, Reliant Recovery Water, at the time and, you won't believe this, but Brady is heavily invested in UnderArmour as well. 

So, um, what is in this glove exactly? Because it looks like a totally normal glove.

Did Brady wear the glove before the AFC Championship Game? Did the Recovery Glove help him heal from the initial injury in time to look strong against the Jaguars? Is the Recovery Glove stuffed with avocados? Is it made from the blood of heirloom tomatoes? 

None of these things are going to get answered and it might really just be A GLOVE. 

Maybe the entire purpose of the glove is to simply conceal what Brady has underneath the glove -- a mangled hand perhaps? -- and the chatter about recovery is simply designed to be subterfuge, an elaborate smokescreen intended to keep people talking about this mysterious glove and not the actual injury itself.

Or maybe Brady's unique workout regime with trainer Alex Guerrero, which reportedly created tensions with the Patriots, just found a fashion component to pair with already bizarre massage techniques.