Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Tom Brady will face Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots for the first time in Week 4, billed by some as the top revenge game of the year. Brady can add to his legacy against his former coach and team if he's able to keep a certain average through the first four games to break one of the most significant passing stats in the league. 

Brady is currently sitting at 79,204 passing yards in his career and will pass Drew Brees' all-time mark at 80,358 if he stays healthy in 2021. He is 1,154 passing yards behind Brees' mark, so it's within striking distance to be broken by the time Brady squares off against Belichick and the Patriots. 

How can Brady break the passing yards record against his former coach and former team -- in Gillette Stadium no less? Brady will need to average 288.5 passing yards per game over each of his four games in order to surpass Brees and receive a celebration in Foxborough unlike any other. 

Brady averaged 289.6 passing yards per game last season, so he'll be on pace if he replicates those numbers. That was the most passing yards in a game Brady averaged since 2016, before he turned 40. If Brady gets off to a slow start (say 250 passing yards per game), he would need a 400-yard game (and change) to break the all-time passing record in front of the team he won six Super Bowl rings and three MVP titles with from 2000 to 2019. 

Given the competitive monster that Brady is, he will certainly want to surpass that record in front of Patriots fans. Brady may even try to complete the pass to Rob Gronkowski -- another former Patriot -- for good measure. 

Brady chasing the all-time passing yards mark will be something to watch in the first quarter of the season. If he has a shot to pass it in New England, that will certainly become another storyline in a game full of them when Brady returns home.