The New Orleans Saints did not exactly light up the scoreboard in their season-opening loss to the Minnesota Vikings. They put up only 19 points, seven of which came on a meaningless drive late in the fourth quarter. In particular, they struggled to run the ball, averaging only 2.9 yards per carry on 21 runs. 

The most effective running back was Adrian Peterson, who gained 18 yards on six carries, nine of which came on his first tote of the game. Peterson played only nine of the Saints' 62 snaps, though, and it appeared at one point that he was very frustrated with the amount of playing time he was given by Saints coach Sean Payton. 

He was staring daggers into the back of Payton's head, and apparently yelling something at his coach. 

via NFL Broadcast
via NFL Broadcast

Peterson says there was really nothing to it, though. "One thing I said to him was, 'Hey, let's run this inside zone.' And we came out and we ran that," Peterson said, per He also said that he may have at one point yelled, "I love you!"

AP later took to Twitter to clarify. 

OK, then. 

As for Payton, he denied that there was any animosity in the interaction between the two. "Listen, I'll tell you if we were in a heated exchange," Payton said. "... None that I can recall, and I am being honest."