The expectation for Monday night's game between the Saints and Vikings was a heavy dose of Adrian Peterson, who was returning to Minnesota for his first-ever game as a player for someone other than the Vikings. 

That ... did not happen. Midway through the third quarter, Peterson had just five carries for 16 yards. As one might expect, he was less than thrilled about the situation. 

Peterson was spotted by ESPN cameras walking down the Saints sideline behind coach Sean Payton, giving him major-league side eye, presumably because he has been seen more on the sidelines than on the field. 

via NFL Broadcast

Peterson proceeded to follow Payton for several yards, eventually getting the coach's attention. When Payton turned around, Peterson dropped a "you should let me play or else" face. 

via NFL Broadcast

The whole thing was sort of a microcosm into the Saints season. 

They have lost a bunch of players to injury, swore they were going to build up the defense and run the ball a bunch. Instead they're just a bad defensive team that relies too much on Drew Brees.

The honeymoon didn't last long in New Orleans for Peterson, who already appears to be causing issues on the New Orleans sideline. This probably will not end well for multiple parties.