Alvin Kamara keeps his Rookie of the Year trophy under a bunch of stuff in his closet

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara didn't exactly come out of nowhere to win the Offensive Rookie of the Year award last season, but he certainly was not considered one of the favorites entering the 2017 campaign. Perhaps it's fitting, then, that Kamara has seemingly treated the trophy the same way he was treated at the start of last year's race: as an afterthought. 

In an interview with Sam Schube at GQ, Kamara revealed that the trophy is currently just ... buried under some stuff in his closet. 

Where do you keep your Rookie of the Year award?
It's in the closet.

It's the closet?
Yeah, it's under a whole bunch of s---, honestly. I can't even lie. I haven't found a spot. I haven't put it up nowhere or nothing. It's still in the case that they sent it to me in. I opened it once, I looked at it, and I put it in the closet.

Why is that?
I mean, I'll send you a picture of where it's at. I don't know. I don't really got nowhere to put it, and it's cool. Dope, trophies.

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That's not the only revealing detail from Kamara's interview. He also told Schube that he walks home from the stadium after home games, refusing to pay $30 for a taxi to drive him four or five lights back to his home. 

You walk home after home games. What's that like?
I'm not really looking for the attention when I'm walking. We leave the locker room, me and whoever it is that came to the game, family, friends, and we just walk. Sometimes it's an issue. It'll be hot, or it'll be raining. They're like, "Man, we gonna have to call an Uber." And I'm like, "S---, all right. I'll meet y'all at the house. I'm walking." I guess that kinda turned into a ritual.

Was that something that you did in high school or college, too, or something you started when you got to the league?
I just started. I live close to the stadium, so I was like, "I might as well walk." It's easier. And it just makes sense. It's harder to get in the car and drive from the game because there's so much traffic. I'm not about to call a Uber. I'm not about to take a taxi, because a taxi from the stadium to my house would probably be $30, when I could walk and get there in 10 minutes. It just makes sense.

It doesn't seem like you have to worry about a $30 taxi anymore, though.
It's still $30. It don't make sense. I'm not about to pay you $30 to take me four or five lights down the street. Like, it's not happening. And then they be trying to finesse on game day. They like, "It's $30 plus six dollars a person." And I'm like, "All right, f--- you. I'm about to go. That's cool." And I just keep walking.

Coming off a season where he led the NFL with 6.1 yards per carry, scored 13 total touchdowns, and caught 81 passes, Kamara appears to be supremely confident in his abilities, and very relaxed in his approach to everything about the game. He's going to be a big part of New Orleans' offense once again, especially with Mark Ingram suspended for the first four games of the season. Hopefully that doesn't tire him out too much, and he can still enjoy the walk home and not have to drop $30 on a cab. 

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