Andrew Luck shocked many Indianapolis Colts and NFL fans when he announced his retirement ahead of this season. But the QB wants all Colts fans to know how appreciative he was of their support. On Sunday, the quarterback used a full-page ad in the Indianapolis Star's paper to thank the city for welcoming his family. 

The 29-year-old retired after years of battling injuries that sidelined him for many games in previous seasons as well as this offseason. He said the mental and physical toll it was taking on him was too much and, while it was a difficult decision, he needed to do what was best for his health.

In the ad, Luck thanked fans and the city for their "Hoosier hospitality."

He went on to discuss how grateful he has been to be part of the Colts organization saying, "It has been the honor of my lifetime to represent the Colts and the city of Indianapolis on the world's stage. I can't wait to see our team take the field and continue the journey." 

After the news about Luck retiring broke during a preseason game, some of the fans in attendance had a negative initial reaction and booed the former first-round pick. But Luck has received outpouring support from NFL fans and athletes since his retirement press conference. Stepping away from the game in 2019 is likely not what Luck saw coming when he first entered the league, but the QB clearly is thankful for the time he did get to spent at Lucas Oil Stadium.