Anquan Boldin reportedly 'remains intrigued by the possibility' of joining Patriots

The Patriots could use another receiver after losing Julian Edelman to a torn ACL. Could that receiver be Anquan Boldin?

According to Ben Volin of the Boston Globe, Boldin and the Patriots had "mutual interest" earlier this offseason. And even though Boldin ultimately signed with the Bills before deciding to retire from football, Volin reports that Boldin "remains intrigued by the possibility."

Boldin joining the Patriots doesn't seem like a likely outcome. In order for that to happen, the Bills would need to release him so that their division rival can sign him (unlikely) or the Patriots would need to be willing to trade away something for Boldin (also unlikely). That's why this seems like nothing more than a pipe dream.

With that being said, it would be a great football fit. For one, Boldin's a Hall of Fame-caliber receiver. He ranks ninth all-time in career receptions. If he does un-retire, he'll likely pass Terrell Owens (1,078), Jason Witten (1,089), Tim Brown (1,094), Cris Carter (1,101), and Marvin Harrison (1,102), which means he would move up all the way to No. 4 on the all-time list. 

But more importantly, Boldin is great in the slot, which is where Edelman operated 53.5 percent of the time last year, per Pro Football Focus. According to PFF, 82.9 percent of Boldin's routes came in the slot last season and he posted a catch rate of 72.3. Edelman's catch rate in the slot? 72.4.

Again, though, this just doesn't seem like a likely outcome. The Bills won't want to help out the Patriots. And it seems doubtful the Patriots would want to give up something to trade for a 36-year-old receiver who doesn't have a long-term future with them. Furthermore, the Patriots just engineered a trade for a receiver in Phillip Dorsett

The idea of Boldin, one of the game's best receivers, joining the league's best team is fun. Unfortunately, it'll likely remain nothing more than an idea.

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