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Ask a bunch of football fans who is the best quarterback in the NFL, and you're highly likely going to get one answer more than any other: Patrick Mahomes. The Kansas City Chiefs signal-caller has won two of the last five regular-season and Super Bowl MVPs, has led the NFL in passing yards once (and yards per game twice) and passing touchdowns twice, and he has never missed either the Pro Bowl or his conference title game in any of his five seasons as a starter.

In other words, he's a worthy choice -- and probably the right one. Even the other candidates for the honor seem to know. 

Speaking at Cincinnati Bengals media day, no less an authority than fellow Pro Bowl quarterback Joe Burrow anointed Mahomes as the league's best quarterback. "I don't think there's any argument right now," Burrow said. "It's Pat [Mahomes]. Until somebody has a better year than he's had, he's the one to knock off."

Burrow's declaration comes just a few weeks after Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen echoed the same sentiment

"Until me or [Burrow] or anybody else can win a Super Bowl, I think Pat's kind of the clear No. 1 right now," Allen said. "He's been playing at such a high level for so long and he's got the rings to prove it."

So, there you have it. Mahomes is the best quarterback in the NFL, according to the guys who are right up there in the discussion with him. Now, they have to go and try to take the title away from him.