Apparently, one of the first things Bill Belichick did after winning the Super Bowl was change the name of his boat. Less than a week after topping the Rams 13-3 in Super Bowl LIII, Belichick's boat was spotted in the wild with a new name: VIII Rings. 

For the past two years, Belichick has been sailing around Massachusetts and Florida in a boat named "VII Rings." Belichick named the boat "VII Rings," because up until Feb. 3, he had won a total of seven Super Bowl rings, five as a head coach of the Patriots and two as an assistant coach with the Giants.

Of course, with the win over the Rams, Belichick now has eight rings, and his boat name has now been updated accordingly.  

The thing about the boat is that Belichick didn't waste ANY TIME getting it renamed. The Patriots won the Super Bowl on Feb. 3 and the boat had its new name and new paint job by Feb. 9

One of the key details of the boat that often gets overlooked is on the letter "R." Belichick keeps track of how many rings he's won as a head coach by adding rings to the end of the letter. 

Bill Belichick has a subtle way of tallying all the rings he's won as a head coach.  Twitter/SCMods604

If the Patriots win another Super Bowl, Belichick's boat is probably going to have to undergo a minor overhaul on the paint job and that's because the name is going to be making a major change. Instead of adding another "I" like he's been doing for the past three wins, Belichick is going to have to add an 'X" since the Roman numeral for nine is "IX." 

On the other hand, he could just keep doing what he's doing, because that seems to be working. 

Of course, if Belichick doesn't feel like going through with a new paint job, he could just buy a new boat. Back in 2017, he gave away "V Rings," so maybe he'll do the same thing with "VIII Rings" if he gets to nine rings.