Damar Hamlin Getty Super Bowl 57 Bills

The updates on Buffalo Bills safety continue to be positive, two months after he suffered cardiac arrest on the football field in Jan. 2. Hamlin received CPR and an automated external defibrillation (AED) on the field before he was taken to UC Medical Center. Since that night, Hamlin has been released from the hospital and made several public appearances, including a Bills playoff game and the Super Bowl.

The sole focus has been on his health, but some have started discussing his future in football, given the "remarkable improvement," as the Bills put it.

Bills general manager Brandon Beane gave an update on the 24-year-old, saying he is "dialed in" and has "every intention to play." Hamlin has some appointments left, but things are "trending in the right direction."

This is not the first mention of Hamlin's potential return. 

Last month, Dr. Thom Mayer, the medical director for the NFLPA, said on SiriusXM Doctor Radio's "Heart to Heart" show, "I guarantee you that Damar Hamlin will play professional football again."

Hamlin suiting up for an NFL player is far from a guarantee, since even if he is medically cleared by his doctors to play, he could make the decision not to.

NFL medical director Allen Sills said when the time comes, consultants will sit down with Hamlin, his family and his agents to lay out the information they have on the situation, including any possible risks.