Despite some tweets from Richie Incognito over the weekend that suggested he wasn't actually retiring from football, Bills general manager Brandon Beane isn't factoring Incognito into the team's plans because as far as he's concerned, Incognito hasn't un-retired. While meeting with reporters on Monday, Beane refused to talk about Incognito's confusing retirement saga, but he did confirm that Incognito is still retired and not on the team's roster.

"I'm not going to get into details," Beane said, per The Democrat and Chronicle. "Richie is on the reserve/retired list which is not a part of our 90-man roster and that's really what it is. I don't think it's the time to get into it. Let's leave it as is."

And here's ESPN's Mike Rodak's report on the matter:

Bills general manager Brandon Beane said Monday he will not "get into detail" about Richie Incognito, but notes he remains on the reserve/retired list. If Incognito wanted to return, Beane said the player would have to request the commissioner to return.

The confusing saga started when Incognito, a four-time Pro Bowl guard known for his role in the Jonathan Martin bullying scandal in Miami, tweeted on Tuesday that he was retiring.

He then told the Buffalo News' Vic Carucci that he was walking away due to health concerns

"I'm, done. That's it," Incognito said. "It's been a long career. Went to the doctor -- my liver and kidneys are shutting down. The stress is killing me. It's just about doing what's right. I just want to be in the Hall of Fame."

That appeared to be the end of it. But then, on Friday, Incognito indicated that he actually wasn't retiring when he told the Bills on Twitter that he'd be reporting to the team's offseason program on Monday. 

Was it because Bills running back LeSean McCoy offered Incognito $300,000 to come back? The tweets below indicated that it could be the case:

Less than three hours later, Incognito asked the Bills to release him.

Understandably so, Beane didn't want to delve into Incognito's tweets besides letting us know that Incognito is still retired. And at this point, it's clear that we should trust his word over Incognito's. That doesn't mean Incognito won't eventually try to un-retire, but as Beane indicated, a couple of tweets won't be enough to make that happen. A process away from Twitter needs to take place for Incognito to return to the field, if that's really what he wants to do. In the meantime, the Bills are proceeding as if he's not coming back.

It's a pivotal period for the franchise. In next week's draft, they'll be expected to acquire a new franchise quarterback who will compete with bridge quarterback AJ McCarron and they'll also need to address offensive line in the aftermath of Incognito's departure. Last season, Incognito graded out as Pro Football Focus' 12th-best guard.

As it stands, the Bills are scheduled to pick at No. 12 and No. 22 in the first round, but don't rule out a trade up -- especially if they're targeting one of the big-four quarterback prospects.