The New England Patriots were supposed to waltz into Buffalo and blow out the Bills on Sunday. New England was an 8.5-point favorite in most spots (it might have closed closer to 7.5 points, but whatever) and expected to hammer its lowly division rival. 

That didn't happen out of the gate, though, with Tom Brady and the offense struggling to find some rhythm against the Buffalo secondary. 

At one point, things bubbled over to the point that Brady and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels had a little chat on the sidelines. Things got a touch heated. 

On the play in question, Brady made a pretty big error, whiffing on hitting Philip Dorsett for a wide-open touchdown pass. The Pats would have to settle for a field goal.

Ultimately it didn't matter because the Patriots ended up rolling the Bills in this game. Tyrod Taylor suffered an injury, Nathan Peterman was forced to play a lot of snaps and Rex Burkhead scored twice.

The Patriots offense wasn't explosive but they were playing an inferior opponent and managed to win handily and cover easily. 

This was more amusing just to see Brady, who is notoriously kind of a competitor on the sidelines at times, lose his mind at an offensive coordinator. It's not the first time it's happened -- he also uncorked in a shouting match with Bill O'Brien back in the day as well. 

This is not a "thing," per se, because, again, the Patriots rolled and the offense worked fine enough to beat the Bills. But it is funny to consider that Brady is just SO PASSIONATE and CARES TOO MUCH and is just TOO MUCH OF A COMPETITOR when watching him melt down in a screaming match with his offensive coordinator.

If another quarterback did this, there would be consequences in terms of people asking if said other quarterback (Cam Newton perhaps???) was a diva who wasn't capable of playing nice with teammates or some such like that. 

You get a little leeway when you're the G.O.A.T.