With 5:07 left in the first quarter, Browns punt returner Josh Cribbs took a vicious hit to the head from Ravens linebacker Dannell Ellerbe. Cribbs lost his helmet during the collision and his head bounced hard off the turf as went to the ground. 

Cribbs fumbled on the play (understandably), and in the scramble for the recovery he took a cleat to the face. 

Turnover aside, there is some good news: Cribbs walked off the field under his own power and even flashed a smile. NFL Network's Alex Flanagan reported that Cribbs was telling team officials that "he's all right" before he was eventually shown walking to the locker room.

While there hasn't been an official announcement, in light of how the Colt McCoy situation played out last season, we're guessing Cribbs' night is over.