During the first episode of "Hard Knocks," there's a scene where the Browns' backup to the backup to the backup quarterback, Brogan Roback, is telling us about the RV that the team's quarterbacks use for hanging out, eating, and napping. In the middle of his chat, Roback references starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor, except he calls him "Tuh-rod," something my friend and colleague Will Brinson was quick to point out.

On Monday, justice for Roback arrived. And the truth about Tyrod Taylor emerged.

It turns out, everyone has been pronouncing Tyrod Taylor's name wrong this entire time. According to Browns left tackle Joel Bitonio, Tyrod Taylor's first name is actually pronounced Tuh-rod, not Ty-rod.

This is crazy. Taylor's been relatively well known as a football player since 2007, when he began his college career at Virginia Tech. He's been an NFL player since 2011. He's entering his fourth straight season as an above-average starting quarterback. He just made history by ending the Bills' historic playoff drought. 

And we've all been pronouncing his name wrong for over a decade. Meanwhile, Taylor's been too nice to correct us. Hell, Roback tried to tell us a week ago and we all just laughed him off as the fourth-string quarterback who didn't know his teammate's name. 

Well, Roback knew the truth and now we do too.  


Let this be a lesson to all of us: Stop doubting Brogan Roback.