Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

There's no quarterback that Tom Brady will face this year that has more NFL experience than him. Honestly, it's been that way for the 44-year-old for quite some time, as he's in the midst of his 22nd season in the league. That said, there was always a number of signal-callers throughout his career that had a similar amount of experience to him. But when you've fended off Father Time as well as Brady has, generations of quarterbacks are coming and going, which is something that's particularly noticeable this season as the youth movement at the position continues. 

"I don't remember this many rookies playing," Brady said Monday on his Let's Go! podcast, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. "Even the second-year guys. Tua (Tagovailoa), (Justin) Herbert, (Joe) Burrow, Trevor Lawrence. (Justin) Fields played a little bit. Trey Lance played a little bit. Zach Wilson is playing. Mac Jones is playing. That's a lot of young quarterbacks. Gone are the days of Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers, Eli Manning. You know, those are the guys I'm used to hearing about. ...

"I'll be forgotten here soon. I'll move on and they'll be onto someone else, but that's just the way football goes, as does life."

While it's foolish to think Brady and his seven Super Bowl titles will be "forgotten" whenever he decides to retire, he is correct to point out that young quarterbacks are taking over the league. 

Week 1 alone saw three rookies start and the two other first-rounders see playing time. Six other quarterbacks from the 2020 and 2019 drafts are also starting across the league, and that's not even mentioning the 2018 class that includes Baker Mayfield, Josh Allen, Sam Darnold and Lamar Jackson -- all of whom are 26 or younger. Again, any quarterback is going to look young next to Brady, but the league is seemingly bringing in a new generation of quarterbacks. 

This season, Brady -- who just became the oldest quarterback to win an NFL game -- will get an up-close look at these up-and-comers, as he's slated to face Wilson (22 years old), Mac Jones (23), Tagovailoa (23), Jalen Hurts (23), Daniel Jones (24) and possibly even Justin Fields (22). 

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